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Expanding Maximo's ability to communicate Interloc created the Interloc Mailer to allow users to take action from within Maximo generated emails. The Ready for Tivoli Interloc Mailer is a native application within Maximo that initiates email generation in near real time, based on user defined events. When a Maximo trigger condition is met (or not met), emails are generated to the group of users specified in the mailer configura- tion. Previously, emails generated by Maximo were informational only; the Interloc Mailer's powerful templating engine lets you eas- ily configure templates that contain all the information needed to make a decision and then communicate that decision back to Maximo. It makes Maximo as accessible as your email Inbox. Familiar look and feel, expanded functionality The Interloc Mailer seamlessly extends the standard Maximo Communication Template functionality that is used to generate emails. The Mailer application still looks and feels the same – the only change to the user experience is the increased availability of options. With the Interloc Mailer, enhanced templating function- ality means that Maximo generated emails can include detailed record information such as work order task details or purchase order lines so that users can evaluate records within the body of the email itself. Added functionality provided by the Interloc Mailer means that email templates can also include, for example: • MBOs changes • Actions • Action Groups • Attached documents, images • Workflow manual input nodes Users can review detailed record information and act upon it directly from within their email. Interloc Mailer Manages Maximo Communications The powerful templating engine provided with the Interloc Mailer can be used in any area of Maximo where notifications can be sent to users and non-users alike. Workflow processes, pur- chase approvals, work management approvals, service request records… the templating engine can be used wherever Maximo sends communications. If an email is sent to a non-Maximo user, any actions that would otherwise have been included in the email will be stripped out. For example, if the person who initially created a Service Request (a non-Maximo user) receives the same email notification as the crew Supervisor advising that the work has been completed, the Supervisor's email may include an action to complete the work order, whereas the person who raised the initial request would not see that action. Interloc makes Maximo as accessible as email! With Interloc Mailer you can create email that: • Supports complex multi-step actions in Maximo via email • Includes standard and custom actions in email templates • Provides for nearly every type of workflow node response: yes, no, defer, request more informa- tion, re-route • Sets notifications to be disregarded if necessary, or they can be set to send repeat notifications • Creates templates to include any amount of information from Maximo records; a person evaluating a request for approval can see all relevant information in the body of the email itself before making their decision Interloc Mailer is secure! • Each email is individually tracked to a specific Maximo user and once a user performs an action from an email, that action may not be used again. • The email action is executed by the user that received the email; if the email recipient does not have access to the area of Maximo denoted in the email, they will not be able to complete the action thereby violating their security restrictions. • Conditions can be combined within the email template to ensure that the appropriate parts of the template are sent based on the defined condi- tions. • Notifications can be set to be disregarded if nec- essary, or they can be set to send repeat notifica- tions Smooth out the Speed Bumps You don't have to log in to Maximo to perform the action in an email sent through the Interloc Mailer. A busy supervisor spending their day in meetings doesn't have to take time out to review work order requests, and they don't run the risk of be- ing a speed bump within their organization. They can review pertinent information and act on it directly from within their email, on the device of their choosing. Native to Maximo, the Interloc Mailer is completely configu- rable, and its flexibility makes it relevant to countless usage scenarios. At the same time, its elegant simplicity means that the average Interloc Mailer implementation and configuration takes less than a week. About Interloc Solutions Interloc Solutions is a recognized leader in providing innovative EAM consulting services and industry and product solutions. With years of proven consulting services experience in key industries, we will work to provide fast and continual ROI from your Maximo software investment. Our team of highly experienced technology and business professionals excels at providing comprehensive, reliable solutions to address enterprise asset and service management needs. 100% dedicated to providing Maximo solutions and services for over a decade, Interloc's consulting services team is experienced in implementing, upgrading, and integrating Maximo and related products. 100% Maximo focused, IBM AAA technical accreditation, Ready for Tivoli validat- ed products, 2013 Beacon award finalist for Best Solution to Optimize the World's Infrastructure, and winner of two IBM Pulse awards for 2012 Best of Show and Smarter Planet for Asset Management for project excellence — Interloc Solutions is in a unique position to be your Maximo consulting services trusted partner. Learn more Contact Interloc Solutions today to learn more about the Interloc Mailer and to get a demo. Make your Maximo as accessible as your inbox with the Interloc Mailer! Learn more! interlocsolutions.com Architected exclusively for Maximo, built entirely within Maximo, and delivered by a company 100% committed to Maximo.

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