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interloc JUnit for Maximo Simplifying automated testing Interloc has developed a base Maximo test fixture for JUnit that helps to reduce the time associated with repetitive actions required when setting up test data and conducting testing in Maximo. Whenever a change is made to Maximo it may require dozens, sometimes hundreds, of regression tests to verify the correct operation of both the new functionality and the existing functionality. JUnit for Maximo provides base features for such tasks as: • Logging in and out of Maximo as specific users • Performing work flow actions • Interacting with Maximo Business Objects • Providing utility methods for performing spell check • Running cron tasks • Capturing emails sent from Maximo • Capturing log messages • Pushing data into Enterprise Services • Capturing data out of Publish Channels There is no substitute for well documented manual test scripts to verify functionality. Full regression testing, however, is a very lengthy process, and is often impractical for smaller or regularly scheduled releases. JUnit for Maximo prepackages several of the different test actions commonly performed in Maximo regression testing, and helps to reduce the time associated with conducting repetitive testing activities. JUnit for Maximo is provided free of charge for use during client projects as appropriate. Following Interloc's active engagement, we can remove the software or leave it as is for your use. Testing just got easier! JUnit for Maximo: • Reduces opportunity for human error in forgetting tests or running them incorrectly • Reduces test time • Automates dozens of test tasks Interloc implementation teams use JUnit to automate numerous frequently run tests, reducing project test time overall. This translates to fewer consultant hours spent testing, and faster implementation times.

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