IBM Case Study - Georgia Transmission Corporation - Driving Efficiency Across

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IBM Global Business Services Solution Brief Energy & Utilities Powering up smart grid metering Itron solutions supported by IBM Power Systems ™ and IBM System x ® platforms Highlights: • Supports Itron smart metering application and database software on IBM Power Systems ™ and System x ® platforms • Manages ever-increasing volumes of meter data while improving operational efficiencies, customer service and regulatory compliance • Drives new revenue streams through advanced two-way communications • Establishes highly reliable, scalable platform for expanding role of metering intelligence Driven by rising energy costs, technology advances and the Federal stimulus bill, the number of smart meters with two-way communications is mushrooming. More than 8 million smart meters were installed in the U.S. in 2009 – about 6 percent of all meters. As utilities upgrade metering equipment as part of smart grid trials, the number is forecast to skyrocket to 33 million in 2011 1 — likely just the start of things to come. As smart meters proliferate, the interactions between consumers and utilities will generate enormous volumes of data. This data can be used to create applications that empower consumers, improve utility operations, and drive new revenue streams for utilities. To better manage the torrents of data, utilities are turning to two innovative leaders who have joined forces in this new era of smarter energy – IBM ® and Itron. The IBM and Itron advantage In the electricity and gas utility sector, Itron has been an innovator and leading provider of advanced metering and smart grid solutions for measuring and managing energy usage in the 21st century. Itron currently provides solutions to over 8000 utilities worldwide. Itron solutions running on IBM technology help utilities achieve much greater operational efficiency with smart grid technologies, including meter data management and billing, as well as more precise measuring of power consumption by customers. With successful testing and implementation at several customer sites, Itron and IBM technology helps utilities manage and leverage enormous amounts of data. Itron's OpenWay ® smart grid application server solution is supported on IBM's System x ® platform with its corresponding database server running on IBM's Power Systems ™ platform (AIX ® ). The Itron Enterprise Edition ™ MDM (IEE MDM) solution is supported on System x as both an application and a database server and on Power Systems platform (AIX) as a database server. Driving Efficiency Across Transmission Lines and Substations Interloc's Mobile Informer for IBM Maximo Gains 100% Acceptance by GTC Field Workers As a mid-sized utility company, Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC) is not only responsible for managing the grid for more than 4 million Georgians—they are counted on to be reliable, efficient, and mitigate as many outages as possible. That can be a daunting scenario for a company that inspects and protects more than 3000 miles of power lines and 650 substations. GTC determined that they needed to expand their IBM Maximo implementation to include mobile capabilities in the field to ramp up their efficiency. Their field workers already carried iOS devices so they were familiar and comfortable with the interface. After a thorough vetting process, GTC chose Interloc's next generation mobile solution—Mobile Informer for IBM Maximo. Why did GTC choose Interloc's Mobile Informer for Maximo solution? They knew that Mobile Informer was a native Maximo application that runs simple client-defined, native applications on either the Android or iOS platform. Having simple, native applications would provide the user acceptance required by GTC. In fact, the Mobile Informer applications are not only easy to use but they also mirror field workers' exact processes with familiar consumer interfaces. Given this level of familiarity, the application was not only widely accepted but it was welcomed. Mobile Informer was also embraced by GTC's IT staff because of its ability to leverage both the existing Maximo technical infrastructure and built-in iOS device functionality, including Mail and Camera, without the need for additional hardware or duplicate development efforts. Shortly after GTC went live, the mobile application gained 100% acceptance by field workers. This group includes four operations and maintenance departments within GTC. The next generation Interloc Mobile Informer for IBM® Maximo® enables field workers to increase productivity while decreasing costs and outages using smart devices running iOS or Android. Interloc Mobile Informer requires no middleware and provides GTC field workers with: • Mobile Device Management (MDM) support • Reduced time to complete a work order by approximately 80% • Real-time updates, with connectivity managed seamlessly • Increased work orders reported by field workers by over 400% • Simple, client-defined, native applications that are widely accepted Highlights IBM Business Partner Smarter Infrastructure Solution Brief "We have never had such complete acceptance of any new management product." --Dale Mann, Group Lead Maintenance Management Systems, GTC

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