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maximo strategies Have you ever been on large scale projects spurred on with the help of highly motivated key resources? Resources that drove progress and provided innovative solutions? Operationally, these are the go-to people on the project – the ones that know the answers about the business, the process and/or software function. Many times these people are considered champions – that rare individual who provides the glue to hold the project together and the enthusiasm to keep it moving forward. They, in essence, champion the solution. Unfortunately, their positive impact is often recognized the most when they leave – many times rendering a fatal blow to the project or team left behind. Have you ever experienced this type of resource unexpectedly leaving the project, or organization? It is situations like this where you realize the power of a champion. Implementing a Maximo solution is a decision that can impact an entire business. This article discusses the importance of a champion in general, and 'Maximo Champion' specifically, and how these individuals can help deter- mine a projects' success. What does the champion look like? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word many ways, including: • A militant advocate or defender • A winner of first prize or first place in competition • One who shows marked superiority However, in our case, we are talking about project champions – also known as project or executive sponsors. The project sponsor is typically a senior executive in a corporation who is responsible for the success of the project. Having a project champion is critical during your Maximo implementation. A project champion 'advocates' or 'defends' the project, and helps set its direction. Your Maximo project champion will believe in the purpose of the project. And to that end, will pro- tect the project budget, ensure proper resources, adhere to timelines, and negotiate with higher level sponsors to justify necessary deviations in project planning Other forms of champions can emerge in your project. These people are the true Maximo champions, and are not necessarily at a managerial level. They can exist at any level of your Maximo project, and can exist even after the Maximo project is complete and opera- tional. Maximo champions are resources who continue to ensure qual- ity data and quality use of Maximo and continually enforce best practices. These people are the go to people for Maximo within their organization, and continually look for improvements in Maximo and their organization; long after a system has gone live. These types of resources ensure that the often significant EAM in- vestment is optimized for their company. However, the Maximo champion cannot be successful until the key components of people, process and technology of the overall solution are addressed. Over the coming months, Interloc Solutions will be publishing a series of articles providing real world functional advice for your Maximo implementation. This article focuses on the importance of a Maximo Champion. About Joseph Mendoza: Joseph Mendoza is Interloc Solutions' Director of Technical Services accountable for managing Interloc's service relationships with IBM. Joseph is a highly experienced Maximo consultant with 11 years in the Maximo field; he has been involved with over 25 successful Maximo projects in a wide range of industries that include Education, Energy, Government and Rail/Transpor- tation. He has held positions in key project roles such as Project Manager, Functional Analyst, and various technical roles in integration, customization, infrastructure and data migra- tion. Joseph's knowledge of Maximo from both the func- tional and technical perspective guarantee customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Joseph Mendoza is currently version 7.1 certified and held certifications in previous Max- imo versions. He also holds certifications in various areas of EAM and ITAM, has ITIL Foundation certification and has both Canadian Enhanced Reliability Clearance and Canadian Secret Clearance. Maximo Champion People Process Technology

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