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You have Maximo. You're using it every day, you're seeing measurable results, you put a lot of time and money into getting it set up the way you want it to work. And once a year you pay your maintenance and support fee, and so it goes... But hang on, back up. What's that fee all about? Why are you paying it, and what do you get out of it? And where is that license agreement, anyway... There's a lot more to your Maximo licenses than just paying an annual fee to keep using Maximo. Interloc has been reselling Maximo software and support for almost seven years now, and in those seven years I have been a Maximo functional consultant as well as Project Manager, I've been involved in providing support to our clients, I've been responsible for writing a number of our propos- als, and I've figured my way through the Maximo license renewal process first with MRO, and then through the transition to IBM. I've come to learn a few things about Maximo clients when it comes to their licenses. Generaliza- tions, of course, but often one or more of these may hold true: • They don't know where their Maximo license purchase agreement is, or when they signed it. • They're not sure how many Maximo licenses they have, or what kinds of licenses they are. • They haven't reviewed Maximo licensing within their organization since the original purchase. • They don't know what they're entitled to under the annual renewal fee. • They're not sure who they'd talk to if they wanted to look into Maximo licensing. If none of the above statements apply to you or your organization, well done. Otherwise... If you don't know how many licenses you have, what types of licenses they are, or what quantities of what types of Maximo licenses you need, you risk being non-compliant with your license agreement, or you risk paying renewal fees for licenses you aren't using, or that may be inappropriate to the needs of your organization. To go a little fur- ther, if you're not familiar with Maximo products that have been released since your initial Maximo implementation, you may be missing out on areas of functionality that could be very useful. So let's talk licenses. Where is that Maximo license agree- ment? You want to know how many licenses you have, what kinds of licenses they are, and when you bought them. Per- sonnel changes, transitions, reorgani- zations, too many things to do in too little time... whatever the reason, you're not sure where that license agreement is. You ask the people you can think to ask, and they're not sure either. There are a few ways to get this information: • Determine who in your organization is the designated contact for IBM, and ask them. Click this link to find out more about the different types of contacts you may have within your Guide to Maximo Licenses Kim Beck, Manager, Business Development About Kim Kim Beck is Interloc's Manager of Business Development. She has been in IT for over 12 years, and first began working with Maximo in 2002 as a Technical Writer. Since joining Interloc in 2005, Kim's versatility and Maximo experi- ence have led her to a number of functional roles including functional consultant and Project Manager, Manager of Support Services, and now Manager of Business Development. In this role, Kim works to respond to requests for information about Interloc and our products and services offerings, and Maximo products, support, and licensing.

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