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The last time we wrote about Maximo licenses, we gave you five key points you should be aware of. You can get that paper here. This time around, We're going to explain how you can figure out what Maximo licenses you need. More accurately stated, we're going to explain the process that we follow when figuring out what Maximo licenses a client needs. When we read an RFP or get a client request for Maximo licenses, there are 6 key things we try and figure out: 1. What Maximo software do you need? 2. What license level do you need within each Maximo product? 3. How many people will be using Maximo? 4. How many of those people need more than one Maximo product? 5. Are you using any external products with Maximo that need to be taken into account? 6. Does the combination of licenses account for applicable ratios? In this paper we will explain each of the 6 points above, and also explain how to come up with estimates when you don't yet have answers for all 6 points. What Maximo software do you need? Working with one of our clients or reviewing the client's needs in an RFP (or RFQ, or RFI) is like reading a story about the client: what goals are they trying to address with the software, what are their current pain points, what are they hoping to achieve through an implementation, and how big a change will this be compared to what they have in place now? For example, a City Government organization of 50 people that already has Maximo and wants to expand their usage to include Linear Asset Management will have drastically different software requirements from an Oil and Gas organization of 1,500 users that doesn't currently have an EAM in place, and that has miles of pipe to manage in a widespread geographical region, with several teams who require connected and discon- nected access to Maximo. What kind of organization are you? Any organization can use Maximo Asset Management software, but if you're in Oil and Gas, Transportation, Government, Utilities, Nuclear Power, or Life Sciences there are Maximo Industry Solutions that offer specific functionality that may be appropriate for your organization. If you're in one of these indus- tries, we'd recommend you request a demo to determine what specific functionality is available in an industry solution that may be relevant to you. Having an industry solution available for your industry doesn't mean it will automatically be the most appropriate Maximo license available for your immediate business objectives. For example, you could be an Oil& Gas client whose immediate goal for facilities management could be met by Maximo EAM instead. It is important for you to understand and evaluate your options. What are your goals? Your answer should include must-have key functionality as well as nice-to-haves; a simple solution might be readily available if you ask. Enhanced reporting functionality? GIS capability? Linear Asset Management? Maximo's flexibility ensures the solution is always achievable, through technology or business process transformation, or through a combination of both. Since goals can directly translate to software needs, educate yourself on available products; a good place to start figuring out what software is available is at Tivoli Documentation Central. Go to the M's and you'll see the list of all Maximo Industry Solutions, Maximo Add On products, and What Maximo Licenses do you need?

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